Autumn. For some people it is a time of gloom. The weather is turning cold, the kiddies return to school, and those long summer days are quickly coming to an end. For others, it is a time of rebirth. It is the start of another exciting year of college football. From L.A. to D.C., the grills, brats, burgers, and beer are guaranteed use for at least another twelve weeks. A college football game is not just a three hour competitive event. It’s a party. From the noon ET Big East game on ESPNU to the weekly late night shootout in the Pac-12, college football Saturdays supply a passion that no other sport can provide. This is what I live for.

To supply a good frame of reference for you all, I will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall. Other teams I have always liked include Florida State and Wisconsin. On another note, I despise Notre Dame and everything that goes on in South Bend, Indiana. However, I will do my best to retain an unbiased voice in my work, no matter what the topic is.

Furthermore, if you have any specific questions, teams, or conferences you would like me to write about, email me at and I’ll be sure to get it done.

UPDATE: Gridiron Digest now has a twitter account, and can be followed at @Gridiron_Digest

– Griffin

  1. Big Chief said:

    Could you do a preview on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame? And while you’re at it a list of South Bend attractions would be fantastic.

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